Pyzel Surfboard Red Tiger 6'0 FCSII
Pyzel Surfboard Red Tiger 6'0 FCSII
Pyzel Surfboard Red Tiger 6'0 FCSII
Pyzel Surfboard Red Tiger 6'0 FCSII
Pyzel Surfboard Red Tiger 6'0 FCSII

Pyzel Surfboard Red Tiger 6'0 FCSII

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6'0" 19 1/2" 2 1/2" 31.00L

The Red Tiger is the new high performance shortboard from John John Florence that is different from all other boards we have released to date.

It's the ultimate performance machine for small/medium, slower, weaker waves, based on John's simple instructions - make it fast and fun.
The idea for this board came about when John started riding different fun boards during his breaks from competition. His favorite last year was by far our new Flat Rockered Funformance board, the White Tiger (5'6"), and he asked me to convert that design into something he could take on tour to ride when the surf is not pumping as much or is rather weaker.

The outline is a bit clumsy for a HPSB, but the wide tip sits a few inches back from the center, so the focus of surfing is in the middle to back half of the board. The wider tail block squash helps keep the area in the tail, providing lift and drive, and also helps create pop when getting airborne. A moderate hip on the front fins creates a break in the outline to create a pivot point that allows for tighter turn radii and release in the lip.

The rocker and bottom contour are what sets this board apart from other boards in this category. It's our flattest HPSB yet and this rocker ensures easy, consistent speed from the moment you stand up, through flat sections and even in super weak, small waves. But flat rocker can feel sticky and tends to make you surf flat, so we ran a single to double concave (JJF's preferred bottom contour) through the front 2/3 of the board and then rolled that into a significant double concave/deep vee -Let the combination pass through the fins and the tail. This bottom makes the flat board easy to roll from rail to rail, and the vee on the tail allows for easy vertical surfing and short carves, even in tight, pockmarked waves.

The thickness gradient (foil) from nose to tail is balanced and clean, with the front part of the board being only slightly thinner than the back half. The deck is flat, leaving more foam (volume) towards the rails. The actual rails are full right at the outline (under the heel of your hand when you hold the board under your arm), but taper to maintain sensitivity and bite.

Drive your Red Tiger about an inch shorter than normal HPSB, and a bit wider. The volume should be close, but go to ½ to 1 liter for extra oomph in weaker waves. The board will transform your everyday sessions into something special with ease and we believe it will outperform any other HPSB in weak waves AND still come through when the surf turns up!

Pyzel Board agents personally recommend rocking the JJF Techflex Futures or FCS II Performer fins with your Red Tiger.

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