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      Lycras and surf shirts primarily protect you from the sun and prevent sunburn with their sun protection factor of 50+. They are suitable for surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, swimming, surfing, high diving, snorkeling, diving, playing water polo, sailing or simply swimming.

      The Lycras also prevent rashes (skin irritations) under the wetsuit, but these days they are mainly used as sun protection during water sports.

      The surf shirts fulfill the same function, but have a looser cut and dry much faster than normal T-shirts. Surf shirts are therefore the ideal companions for travel.

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      70 products

      70 products

      Discover the perfect balance between style, comfort and functionality with our high quality surf lycras. Designed specifically for water sports enthusiasts, these garments offer you protection from the elements while allowing you unrestricted movement on the waves. Immerse yourself in the world of surfing and choose from our diverse selection of lycras that will add a new dimension to your surfing adventures.

      Why choose our surf lycras?

      1. UV Protection: Our Surf Lycras provide excellent UV protection, protecting your skin from harmful sun rays. You can spend hours on the water without worrying about sunburn.

      2. Excellent Fit: The Lycra materials our products are made from provide a perfect fit, ensuring your Lycra stays in place no matter how intense your surfing session is.

      3. Breathability: Our surf lycras are particularly breathable and quick-drying. This means you stay pleasantly cool and dry, even when you are in the blazing sun.

      4. Freedom of movement: We know how important freedom of movement is when surfing. Our Lycras are designed to adapt perfectly to your body and offer you maximum flexibility.

      5. Stylish design: In addition to functionality, our surf lycras are also available in various stylish designs. Whether you're looking for classic colors or bold patterns, we have the right Lycra for you.