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      From ice cold to tropical water, you can stock up on wax from Surfari, Bubble Gum, Palmers, NSP, Sticky Bumps, Matunas, or FCS. That's why we smell like coconut and chewing gum right from the entrance to the store. Another reason to stop by for a coffee.

      Surfboard wax is a special wax designed to give you more traction on your surfboard. It is applied to the deck of the board and helps you keep your feet firmly on the board. There are different types of wax that are suitable for different water temperatures and conditions. Surfboard wax is a core part of every surfer's kit and an important investment if you want to achieve the best possible performance on the water.

      45 products

      45 products

      Surf wax is an essential accessory for all passionate wave riders and surfers, which significantly influences the performance and fun of surfing. This specially developed wax plays a crucial role in the surfer's adhesion to the surfboard and provides protection against unwanted slipping. The surf wax category includes a variety of products that are available in different variants to meet the needs of surfers of all experience levels and in different climate conditions.

      Among the different types of surf waxes you can find the following:

      • Base wax/basecoat: This wax is applied as a base layer to the surfboard and ensures good adhesion of the wax applied over it.

      • Normal wax: Depending on the water temperature, a different wax is recommended. Warm Water/Tropic Wax is suitable for tropical waters and warm temperatures as it has a softer consistency and offers better adhesion to the surfboard. Cold water/cold wax is ideal for colder waters and cooler weather conditions as it is firmer and ensures the necessary grip on the board.

      Surf wax comes in different forms, such as wax cakes, wax blocks, or wax beads, to make it easier to use. Additionally, surfers can choose from various brands and formulations tailored to individual preferences and requirements. Choosing the right surf wax is crucial to maximizing safety, control and performance on the surfboard and ensuring an unforgettable surfing experience.