Custom order surfboard


      Du hast dein Surfboard nicht direkt bei uns im Laden gefunden? Kein Problem, denn wir lassen dir das exakt gewünschte Board direkt beim Shaper herstellen. Am einfachsten nimmst du direkt Kontakt mit uns auf, und wir kümmern uns darum.

      89 products

      89 products

      All boards in this category are made especially for you. We are constantly in contact with the shapers and make sure that you get the board made according to your wishes.

      The prices are target prices and usually refer to standard polyester boards. Epoxy, carbon wrap, designs, finish, tri/quad setup, etc. may change price. When it comes to prices, we stick to the regular prices of the manufacturers. You buy your tailor-made surfboard at normal European retail prices and we take care of the shipping/insurance/customs clearance/etc for you.