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      The Semente boards are made in Ericeira, Portugal. Whether polyester or epoxy, whether normal plugs or HD plugs, whether for the pool or the wave... Semente definitely has the right board for you.

      Depending on the season, production time is 3-4 weeks, shipping time is 1 week.

      25 products

      25 products

      Back in 1982, Portugal was every surfer's dream and Ericeira was the mystical surf trip for every surfer because of the quality and roughness of the waves. At the time Nick Uricchio and Miguel Katzenstein founded Semente Surfboards, the decision of where to locate was simple: Where's the best surf? Ericeira, more precisely, directly to one of the best right-handers in Europe, Coxos. Surfing was the driving force behind the partners in the beginning and the passion for surfboard design and construction. The name Semente, which means “seed” in English, was chosen and provided the basis for a project that would grow and thrive in the future.

      In the first days, the geographical choice of partners was a handicap, as there were few surfers in Ericeira, most customers came from the Lisbon area or the Cascais coast. There were few cars and the roads were poor, so visits from potential customers were rare. As time went on, news spread that Ericeira and the Semente factory were seeing a heavy influx of surfers from Portugal and abroad. Other major surfing brands began to set up shop in the area, with the same intention that Nick and Miguel had in '82: to surf the best waves in Portugal.

      Semente Surfboards' commitment and dedication to surfboard design and construction have greatly influenced Portuguese surfing. Professional and amateur surfers from all over the world have been knocking on Semente's door and Semente has been working with Portugal's top surfers from day one. The constant development.