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      83 products

      83 products

      The wetsuits protect you from the cold by binding a thin layer of water to your body, which is warmed by your own body heat. Unlike a drysuit, you get wet in a wetsuit. This is intentional and contributes to thermal insulation.

      When buying a wetsuit, you had to make sure that it really fits snugly and doesn't wrinkle. If the suit is too big, the water will simply flow through and the wetsuit can no longer do its job. The neoprene expands with regular use and if in doubt, we recommend buying the wetsuit one size smaller - it will then adjust and become larger over time.

      We have suits for men and women in our range and the suits have different material thicknesses. The thicker the wetsuit, the warmer. At the same time, the thinner suits are the more flexible.

      Of course, it makes sense to try on the suit before buying. If that is not possible, you can also use the following size table as a guide: https://surfari.ch/pages/groessentafel

      High quality women's wetsuit for maximum performance

      Our women's wetsuit is made from high quality materials that ensure maximum performance and durability. The neoprene material not only provides excellent insulation to keep you warm, but is also flexible enough to allow unrestricted movement. A wetsuit for women from Surfari is the perfect choice for demanding surfers.

      Women's wetsuit for optimal performance

      When it comes to surfing, choosing the right wetsuit is crucial. A wetsuit for women not only offers an excellent fit, but also optimal protection from the elements. At Surfari you will find a diverse selection of wetsuits designed specifically for women to give you the best possible performance on the waves.

      Buy wetsuit for women online

      Buying a women's wetsuit can be a challenging decision as there are many options on the market. But there are numerous reasons why a high-quality women's wetsuit is a worthwhile investment for all water enthusiasts. Whether you are an avid surfer or swimmer, a wetsuit offers comfort, protection and performance.

      Meoprene suit for women - stylish and functional at the same time

      A women's wetsuit from Surfari combines style and functionality in one. Our designs are not only focused on performance, but also on aesthetics. You can choose from different colors and patterns to show your individual style on the waves. A wetsuit for women is not only protection from the elements, but also an expression of your personality.

      At Surfari we attach great importance to quality and customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a high quality women's wetsuit that is both stylish and functional, then take a look at our range. Our women's wetsuit was developed by surfers and offers you the best equipment for exciting adventures on the water.