Surfboard storage


      We have the right surfboard board bag for your favorite board. Whether it's a day runner for everyday use or a heavy duty travel bag for traveling. We also have small bags specially made for pool boards.

      From simple board socks for UV protection to travel bags to protect your boards when flying, you will find various versions of board bags and covers here

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      Surfboard bags are essential pieces of equipment for every passionate surfer. These specially designed bags not only provide protection for your valuable surfboards, but also a convenient way to transport and store them. Here are some important features and functions of surfboard bags:

      • Protection and Padding: Surfboard bags are primarily designed to protect your surfboards from damage during transport and storage. They are available in different designs, including board socks, day bags (for driving) or padded travel board bags (for flying). The padding and durable material absorbs shock and minimizes scratches or dents.
      • Sizes and shapes: Surfboard bags are available in different sizes and shapes to accommodate different board types. Whether shortboard, longboard, fish or funboard – there is a suitable bag for every board.
      • Carrying options: Most surfboard bags come with a variety of carrying options, including handles, shoulder straps, and sometimes even wheels. These options make transportation from your home to the surf spot and back easier.
      • Ventilation and water drainage: High quality surfboard bags have ventilation functions and water drainage to ensure that moisture and salt water can escape from the bag. This helps prevent mold and rust from forming on your board.
      • Single/Double/Triple Boardbags: There are bags that are designed for a single surfboard. Other bags offer the option of transporting/storing multiple boards.
      • Design and Style: Surfboard bags come in a variety of designs and styles, so you can choose a bag that suits your personal taste.

      Whether you're transporting your boards to the nearest surf spot or storing them safely at home, surfboard bags are an essential piece of surfing gear. They protect your surfboards from the elements and ensure they stay in optimal condition so you can have the best surfing fun possible.