Men's drysuit


      The one-piece drysuit is designed for many different water sports. It is made from robust, completely waterproof fabric. This usually consists of tight-fitting latex/neoprene cuffs on the arms and feet to prevent water from penetrating. There is also a corresponding cuff on the collar to prevent water from entering. The layer of air between the suit and the body creates a heat buffer that keeps the athlete warm.

      The drysuit is usually worn in the colder months from September to May as it is too hot in summer. It would only be recommended in cold white water or on quite cold summer days. It is used to stay dry and warm during various water sports.


      1 product

      1 product

      Drysuits are the ultimate protective gear for stand-up paddleboarders who want to surf in cold water temperatures. They offer complete protection from water and cold, keeping you warm and dry so you can concentrate on paddling.

      Caring for your drysuit

      To extend the life of your drysuit, you should care for it regularly. Wash your suit with a mild detergent after each surf. Make sure you let your suit dry completely before storing it.

      Dry suits are an important investment for any surfer who wants to surf in cold water temperatures. With the right choice of drysuit and proper care, you can be confident that you will stay warm, dry and enjoy your surfing.