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surf board

Choosing the right surfboard is decisive for whether you want or frustrate surfing. How big should the board be? What kind of board do I need? What do the terms like rocker, stringer, etc. mean?

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Bodyboard body board

How big should the bodyboard be? Do I really need fins? How do I attach the leash plug? What are the differences between the individual boards? Are there different shapes?

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Skimboard skimboard

What are the differences between the individual skimboards? Which size fits me? What is skimboarding anyway? What else do I need?

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Wetsuit wetsuit

How does a wetsuit work? How do I know if the wetsuit fits? For which temperatures do I need which suit? How do I take care of him? I can't get into the suit anymore, are there any tricks?

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Leash leash

How long does a leash have to be? How do I attach them to the board? What should I look out for when buying a fin?

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Finnen Finns

What types of fin systems are there? Which are compatible? How important is the right fin and why do some boards have one fin and others five?

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Surf Waschs wax

What is surf wax and what do I need it for? How do I wax my board and how often do I do it? Can you eat the wax? Which wax is right for me?

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Gripdeck grip deck

Wax or grip deck? For which boards are Gripdecks suitable? What are the differences between individual decks? Where do I actually stick the part?

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Boardbag board bag

What should I look out for when buying a board bag? Why are there so many different types and which bag do I need? How well do the bags really protect against damage?

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Surf Shirt

surf shirt

What is the difference between lycras and surf shirts? Which makes the most sense for which sport?

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