Reef kissed, nose snapped, flight damage or fin plug torn out? We help you.

We work with various external shapers and ensure that your board is expertly repaired. Shapes didn't matter - whether surfboard, riverboard, poolboard, kiteboard or wakesurfboard. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any repairs for SUPs and windsurf boards due to lack of space.

You can bring the surfboard to our shop at any time during opening hours and we can estimate the costs and get back to you as soon as the board is back from the repair shop. Please note that the order can normally take 2 - 4 weeks. We ask you to bring the repair amount in cash with you when you pick it up at the surf shop

Of course we don't earn anything from this service, but we want to support the shapers/dingdocs in Switzerland. Before you bring your board over, please remove the leash and fins and leave them at home and ideally remove the old wax from the surfboard. The Dingdoc likes to take the boards with him in his own bags. If your surfboard has a design or is colored, this can be taken into account in the repair at an additional cost.

In our surf shop we also have socks or travel board bags for all shapes for safe transport. Or buy a repair kit and learn how to repair small things yourself. Here is the category with the repair items:

So that you can estimate the costs in advance, our shapers have put together this table of costs:

Cost overview for repairs (guide values)