Surfari surf shop team

Surfari surf shop - who we are!

Behind the Surfari surf shop are people and surfers. We are a small team that does its best with expertise and years of experience to make your surfing or bathing holiday an unforgettable experience. Of course in a positive sense. We are not a mail order company or a large chain of stores, but we are athletes and run a specialist shop. Down-to-earth and fundamentally honest, because we know what we're doing... Even if we don't (yet) have a sea in Switzerland.

Roman Hartman

Roman Hartman

Managing Director, COO, CFO, CMO, CIO and contact point for complaints of all kinds

Roman is the founder and padre of Surfari. He is brainbug and mastermind, can work until the morning hours or party and still be the first to get back on the mat. There is hardly any department in which he cannot have a say and if he says something, you can believe him.

Motto: Sit low, go steep. From now on only Tadaa! instead of todo.

Milan Bruner

Milan Bruner

Brand Manager Poscastifte, Chief Repairs Officer (CRO), Senior Director Drink Supply

Muli is a father of two, a solid employee and is almost part of the inventory. He slipped from the fashion store to the surf shop and, in addition to sea surfing, is also adept at river and pool surfing. There is almost no river wave that he doesn't know and from time to time he even gets on the podium at the contests.

Motto: 'Too old to die young' and 'Rather slit than sit in the office'

Antonia Hoerner Antonia Hoerner

Head of the forwarding department, coordination of returns, SUP and kite specialist

Tonii with two ii, so she also signs deliveries that she accepts. She is a busy bee behind the computer and also at the front. Motivated and committed, she also amazes with knowledge about SUP and kite. Tonii has been in every corner of the world and is always happy. A real added value for the shop.

Motto: S̄nuk kạb wạn

pam Pamela Wengi

If you could put a good mood on a surfboard, Pam would come out of it.

She has been part of the Surfari team for years. Sometimes in the Mall of Switzerland, sometimes in the fashion store and now in the surf shop at Stauffacher. Travel-savvy, surfer-experienced and highly motivated, she takes care of everything in the surf shop. Because she is also an excellent pool surfer, she represents Surfari and Urbansurf in the #urbansurfari rider team.

Fabio Surfari

Fabio Wimmer

Our new addition to the Surfari team. Fabio is the classic board athlete and feels at home with both snowboards and surfboards. When writing his profile, it is noticeable that he is the only one of us who has actually learned retail ;) This explains why he is constantly rearranging the store and bringing more and more systems into the warehouse as time goes on. Messi gal..

Motto: "If I were a woman, then...