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      Wer Brettsportarten leibt und lebt, hat sie bestimmt auch schon angetroffen - die Balanceboards. Nicht nur macht es enorm viel Spass, es trainiert nebenbei auch noch den ganzen Körper und unterstützt die Entwicklung der Balance. In dieser Kategorie findest du eine Vielzahl verschiedener Balanceboards, Rollen, Bälle und Korkmatten der Marken 'Costa Board', 'Mecos Board', 'Jucker Hawaii' und ' Balance Pro'

      22 products

      22 products

      Train your balance, stability and your whole body awareness with the balance boards and balance cushions. In addition to training, they are also a lot of fun. It's up to you whether you want a roll, ball or pillow, which is why we have wobble boards from different manufacturers in our range. Balancepro swears by the ball, Costaboards mainly come with one wheel and the boards have a slight rocker. Jucker Hawaii homeriders are usually flat and come with a wheel. The balance boards are each supplemented with cushions or cork mats as a base.

      In addition to the look, the scope of delivery and the type of board also play a role. The more rocker the board has, the more demanding it is. In contrast to the cork roll, the ball has more degrees of freedom and is therefore more shaky.