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      Surf ponchos are an essential accessory for every surfer. They're perfect for keeping warm and dry after surfing. Surf ponchos are usually made of neoprene or polyester, have a hood and no zipper.

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      Find the perfect surf poncho with us! We offer a huge selection of various ponchos here in our online shop or in the Surfari Surf Shop directly at Stauffacher in Zurich. From small to large, for men or women - there is something for everyone!

      In recent years the popularity of surf ponchos has increased enormously! It's not just the surfing scene that has discovered the mobile wardrobe - basically anyone who likes to spend time in and around the water will enjoy it. A poncho primarily makes putting it on and taking it off much more pleasant, it also keeps you pleasantly warm when it gets windy and serves as a bath towel to lie on.

      A poncho is always equipped with a hood - many also have 'kangaroo pockets'. Depending on the brand or model, there are various differences. We have ponchos from the brands 'After Essentials', 'Northcore', 'Rip Curl', 'Ocean & Earth', 'Surfari', 'FCS', 'Slowtide', 'Quiksilver', 'Roxy', 'Saint Jacques', ' All-In', 'RVCA', 'Billabong', 'Madness',...

      The ponchos are mostly 'unisex' and are therefore suitable for men and women. The little ones are also taken into consideration, so there are now special children's ponchos.

      At first glance, ponchos often look identical, but there are differences in the materials. Therefore, the following should be noted:

      Most ponchos are 90-100% cotton. This is the case, for example, with the Surfari ponchos . However, many overcoats are made from a material mix of polyester and cotton ( After Essentials ). Both types are very absorbent and will keep you cozy and warm when it gets cooler.

      Anyone who travels and wants to save space in their luggage will enjoy microfiber ponchos the most. These not only save a lot of space, they also usually dry much faster than conventional ponchos.

      Some models are now made with a completely water- and dirt-repellent outer material, which protects you from really cold temperatures. For example, here you will find a weatherproof poncho from Madness.

      We have experienced that anyone who has ever had a poncho will never want to be without it! By the way, ponchos are also a perfect gift - one size fits all, nothing can go wrong.

      We are therefore sure that you will find the right poncho in our shop!