Rental equipment at Surfari

We rent all kinds of surfboards. The costs for rental boards are:

Surfer, riverboard or SUP

  • 35 CHF / day
  • 70 CHF for 1 weekend (Saturday to Monday)
  • 140 CHF for 1 week
  • 200 CHF for 2 weeks

Foilboard set

  • 70 CHF / day
  • 100 CHF for 1 weekend (Saturday to Monday)
  • 325 CHF for 1 week
  • 600 CHF for 2 weeks

Simply select the period you want and the discount for the respective period will be deducted at checkout. All rental boards can be found here:

We have different boards for rent for every surfing level - including river surfers. It's best to come to the store early and we'll put the board you want on your side. Limited availability. To ensure that nothing is missing, fins and leashes are of course included for the boards. The boards must, of course, be picked up/returned to our store.

We also have a few wetsuits available for rental, but there is no guarantee of availability. The rent for wetsuits is

  • 20 CHF / day
  • 30 CHF / weekend
  • 50 CHF / per week

Here you will find an overview of the suits that you can reserve online:

As with the surfboards, the suits must be picked up at the Surfari store. Unfortunately shipping is not possible for economic and hygienic reasons.