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      Since every surfer's head often gets submerged, the hoods protect you from cold water and help against the rather unpleasant brain freeze. The hoods are available in different thicknesses and variations.

      24 products

      24 products

      Neoprene hoods are an essential accessory for every surfer. They offer protection from wind, weather and cold and help keep your head and ears warm. Neoprene hoods are usually made of neoprene.

      Which type of neoprene hood is right for me?

      There are two main types of neoprene hoods:

      • Integral hoods: These hoods cover the entire head and neck. Integral hoods offer the best protection against wind, weather and cold.

      • Half hoods: These hoods only cover the head and ears. Half hoods are more comfortable than full hoods, but also offer less protection.

      • Integral hoods with Dickie: There are individual models that have an additional layer. This ensures that the neck is also protected from the cold water. One layer should be worn under the wetsuit and the other over the wetsuit so that the wetsuit does not flood.

      What factors should I consider when purchasing a neoprene hood?

      When purchasing a neoprene hood, you should consider the following factors:

      • Water temperature : Neoprene hoods are offered in different water temperature levels. Choose a hood that is suitable for the water temperatures in which you plan to surf.
      • Wind exposure: The more exposed you are to the wind, the more sense a smooth-skin hood makes.

      Caring for your neoprene hood

      To extend the life of your neoprene hood, you should care for it regularly. Wash your hood with a mild detergent after each surf. Make sure you allow your hood to dry completely before storing it.