Pamela Wengi

Pamela Wengi

Name : Pamela Wengi ('Pam')

Year of birth: 1995

Profession: Shop assistant, bartender, early childhood educator

hobbies: Surfing, climbing, salsa dancing, drinking wine and having fun with friends

home spot: Urbansurf, Zurich

favorite Destinations: Never to the same place :-)

Love: Chocolate, Wii, family and friends, surfboard, languages

Hate: Broken surfboard, injuries, liquorice

Stace: goofy

board sports: Ocean, wave pool, snowboard

Instagram: pamiwen

contests : 

Swiss Wave Pool Championship 2021, 2nd

Zurich Masters, 2nd 2020

Swiss Wavepool Championship, 5th 2020

Wavemasters Düsseldorf 2020, 6th

Citywave pro World Tour Saint-Gilles-Croix-De-Vie 2020, 4th

Wavemasters Düsseldorf 2019, 5th

Citywave pro World Tour Vienna 2019

Swiss Wave Pool Championship 2018, 6th

Other sponsors/supporters:

Surfari, Urbansurf, Roxy

Interview with Pamela Wengi

How did your passion for surfing come about?

Every year as a child I would take my family to northern Spain for holidays, where I would watch the surfers all day long. When I came of age I bought a car to drive to France. In summer the time had finally come and I attended my first surf camp in Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains. I fell in love with the sport straight away and since then my whole life has revolved around surfing.

How long have you been surfing?

summer 2013

What fascinates you about surfing/ why do you do it?

I forget everything around me, I'm just happy :-). It's like therapy for me and surfing accompanies me on every journey.

You only get to choose one place to surf for the rest of your life. Which place would that be and why?

There are so many incredibly beautiful places in this world... and I've only seen a tiny part of them... So I have to travel for a while before I can answer this question ;-)

What or who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to surfing?

I am surrounded by many great people who inspire me. Regardless of level, the people that inspire me the most are those who can turn off their heads and just enjoy it.

Which boards do you prefer for surfing?

In the pool I love the Semente Hot Sauce 5'4, in the sea the Semente Puddle 5'5. But basically I find everything funny that can somehow be surfed ;-)

How does it feel to be a Surfari team rider?

JUDIHUDI! Super cool :-) Thanks for the support!

 Can one speak of a surf scene in Switzerland?

In any case! You could almost watch the surfing scene in Switzerland grow over the last few years.

What has been your biggest surfing challenge so far?

Uff there are a lot of them haha ​​:-) For example, on my last surf trip I underestimated how quickly the water level was dropping and kissed the reef. Sometimes you have to learn certain things the painful way ;-)

What is your favorite surfing adventure?

I love to go surfing at sunset in the evening! A turtle appeared next to me once in Sri Lanka - that was definitely unforgettable!

Is there a surf culture for you? If yes, how would you describe them?

Clear! Some live it with fashion, others live the 'lifestyle', some go away for a longer period once a year,... Finally, there are countless ways to live 'your' surf culture and express yourself :-)