Abverkauf der Miet-Pumpfoils Komplettpakete

Sale of rental pump foils complete packages

Summer is slowly coming to an end, the pump season is just around the corner. We have good news for anyone looking to learn how to pumpfoil this fall/winter. We sell our rental setups at really fair prices:

These are the prices for the used boards:

And the complete, matching Occasion Foil packages:

  • Indiana Dockstart/Pump Foil 1100P Complete: 990 instead of 1650 CHF

We are therefore passing on the complete package, ready to use, for CHF 1530-1640 instead of CHF 2550-2730. If you also want a bag (also used), we can give it to you for an additional CHF 50.

The boards and foils were used for one season and have normal signs of wear such as damage to the paintwork or superficial scratches. All screws are given with the foils.