Surftrip nach Frankreich

Surf trip to France

At the moment we're getting a lot of inquiries as to where you can currently surf next. In the meantime, we even have options in Switzerland, such as river surfing, Alaia Bay, Urbansurf, Oana, etc. But if you still want to go to the sea again, here is a little guide.

The direct route to the Atlantic for France. There are countless beach breaks which are constantly changing.

Here are two websites that show you the beaches live. You save yourself the whole journey to the various beaches only to find out that they don't run at high tide.

Webcam HD has summarized various surf beaches in France on its website

Also recommended is the following website with a compilation of live cams from beaches:

Webcam HD Viewsurf

  • You can also get valuable information from this site: . Here you can find all Aires de Camping in France on one page (incl. GPS coordinates, prices, etc.). Often the Aires are in the middle of pine forests or somewhere else in really beautiful places. Another advantage over the campsites is that they cost almost nothing. The only restriction is that only campers are allowed to park there and only for a limited period of time.
  • Weather information with water temperatures can be found on the following website: