Surfing is back in town. Urbansurf is up and running!

Surfing is back in town. Urbansurf is up and running!

The Urbansurf Pool has been making waves again since May 14th, 2020!!

We are very happy to be able to open the entire Urbansurf platform, including food, drinks & surf. Of course, the protective and hygiene measures prescribed by the federal government are observed. That's why the group sizes have been reduced and the surf is now even more intense than before.

We therefore recommend that you book your slot as early as possible, because a lot is already fully booked at the moment. And if the surf is full of; You can also have a drink/eat comfortably.

Urbansurf booking tool

Urbansurf has been in the trendy and vibrant Gerold district since May 2018. Just a few minutes' walk from Zurich Hardbrücke train station, we celebrate the different facets of surfing culture. From May to October we bring summer, sun and waves to Switzerland with our facility. Relax in a deck chair with a cool drink, eat comfortably in the restaurant, watch the surfers or stand on the surfboard yourself - we have something for everyone.