Surf Film Nacht: Biarritz Surf Gang

Surf Movie Night: Biarritz Surf Gang

Tuesday, AUGUST 31, 2021 at 9:00 p.m. at the Riff Raff Zurich
Back to the cinema! We're bringing an incredible film to the big screen:
BIARRITZ SURF GANG (France, 2017. D: Nathan Curran & Pierre Denoyel)


Biarritz, France, in the early 1980s. On the chic Grande Plage, a crew is making a name for itself: "La Bande de la Grande", the Biarritz Surf Gang. They were the heroes of the scene, won all the contests and became French champions - often after a night of partying and with injuries from the last brawl. They traveled to Hawaii, Indonesia and Australia with the national team - but their thirst for thrills caused them to fall from the Olympus of surfing.
This is the untold story of the top six European surfers of the 80's. It's a story about how the wild surf scene of the pioneer years, when it was all about fun, drugs and rock 'n roll, became the wellness movement of today.
The grandiose setting in Biarritz, the breathtaking archive footage, the soundtrack and the crazy characters that still dominate the local scene to this day make BIARRITZ SURF GANG the most exciting and most decorated surf film of recent years.
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