Der Gründer von Chilli Surfboards, Jamie Cheal, machte seinen ersten Top-Turn auf einem Surfbrett in Greenmount an der Gold Coast im Alter von 13 Jahren und surft seitdem fast jeden Tag.

      4 Produkte

      4 Produkte

      The Chilli Aesthetics

      The Chilli Aesthetics - deck
      The Chilli Aesthetics - bottom

      Chilli plays a game of details.

      Whether it's our Colan Products Carbon weave, our QR identification codes or the signature Line, we've refused to equip our boards with anything but the most finely-sourced assets.

      Chilli is more than foam and resin. We keep it unique. Let's unpack the nuances below...


      Unique to Chilli Surfboards, Chilli's carbon weave is designed with Colan Products Australia to create the perfect combination of strength and performance.

      We wanted to keep the natural flex through out the tail so you feel your board and its connection to the wave face, so we strategically ran the stripes of carbon fibre horizontal to the tail's rail line. Blended with standard four ounce weave with a strand of carbon fibre each centimetre, it's proven to be the perfect protection for our boards.

      Chilli Surfboards - red stripes

      The Line, the authentic Chilli signature

      Aesthetics mixed with function. The black coloured strand of fibre identifies the use of Chilli’s own double twisted weave fibreglass by Colan Products Australia. This unique weave ensures a stronger layer of fibreglass and the authentic Chilli certification.