Team rider Stefan Gilg

Stefan Gilg


Stefan Gilg

Year : 1987

Occupation : room planner

Hometown : Seuzach, Winterthur

Hobbies : surfing, mountain biking, skating, VW bus trips

Stance : Regular (Surf/Skate) / Goofy (Snowboard)

Boardsports : Ocean Surfing / Wavepool / Wakesurf / Skateboard / Surfskate

Homespot : Southwest France / Lake Constance

Favorite Destinations : Northern Spain, Portugal, France, Maldives

Surfboards : Semente WEK, Semente Vintage 5'10, Semente Thug 5'5 (Pool)

Love : Being on the move, free camping, water sports, mountains, nice weather

Hate : Plastic in the ocean, aggro locals, too many people in the skate park

Contests : Swiss Champs Ocean 2016 (13th place)
Swiss Champs Ocean 2017 (22nd place)
Swiss Wavepool Champs 2017 (13th place)
European Championship in Stationary Waveriding (Wavepool), 2017

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Interview with Stefan Gilg

Tell me a little bit about yourself/introduce yourself.

Hi, my name is Stefan Gilg. I was born and raised in Winterthur and still live in this region. I work 80% as a room planner in an engineering office and have reserved Mondays for my sporting passions for two years. Work-life balance - you know! ????

How did your passion for surfing come about?

I think it was 2006 when I took a train with some friends to Element Called Water Surfcamp ( in south west France. That's where my first contact with surfing came about. Big NSP boards, lots of paddling and even more chilling was the motto! But I was infected by the surf virus from the first week. After that I was regularly once a year on the Atlantic coast in France or Spain, worked in the surf camp or drove along the coast in my VW bus. Since then, no more holidays without a surfboard!

How long have you been surfing?

I think since 2006. I would have to search my photo gallery to be sure. ????

What fascinates you about surfing?

What fascinates me most about surfing is the energy of the waves. That it is possible to stand or drive on an unsustainable surface. I also find it very exciting that even after many years of surfing you can still make progress in every session and that the consequences of mistakes are not as painful as with skating. Every wave, every spot, every board is different and that's why the sport remains exciting.

You only get to choose one place to surf for the rest of your life. Which place would that be and why?

Difficult question...I would choose the Maldives including a surf boat. But in the meantime fly back to Switzerland. ???? The reason for this is the warm water, the good waves, the smallest possible crowd and there are hardly any mosquitoes on the boat.

What or who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to surfing?

My biggest inspiration when surfing is the wave itself. Every time you go into the water, the "playing field" looks different. Every single wave presents you with different challenges and you can (almost) not plan any movement. Every decision has to be made and executed within seconds. What's more exciting?

Which boards do you prefer for surfing?

My latest board Semente Vintage 5'8'' is the absolute all-rounder for me. It has a shortboard shape and is very maneuverable with a little more volume in the midsection (wave catcher) than my standard shortboard. It is also equipped with channels in the tail area to provide good support even in larger waves.

How does it feel to be a Surfari team rider?

The Surfari surf team consists of a wide variety of people, all of whom contribute to the best possible representation of the diverse surfing opportunities in Switzerland. I am proud to represent the Surfari.

Can one speak of a surf scene in Switzerland? If so, are you active or passive in a club?

I think it's hard to talk about a real surf scene in Switzerland. In the meantime, every second person in Switzerland "surfs" and since the surfing possibilities in and from Switzerland are very diverse, it is difficult to define a real scene. In my opinion, the SSA Swiss Surfing Association is trying to coordinate the "scene" in Switzerland with good success.

What has been your biggest surfing challenge so far?

To surf at such a constant level that I don't need a week's adjustment period on every surf trip.

What is your favorite surfing adventure?

My first Maldives boat trip. If you don't have solid ground under your feet for two weeks...that says it all! ????

Are there stereotypes in surf culture about surfing and surfers for you?

In my opinion, there is no longer a pure surfing culture these days. The influences are so individual and accordingly I find it almost impossible to define a surfing stereotype.

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