Team rider Milan Brunner

Milan Brunner


Milan Bruner

Year : 1981

Occupation : Head of department Poscastifte Surfari Surfshop

Hometown : Zurich

Hobbies : surfing & skating, travel, handicrafts, family

Stance : Regular

Boardsports : Ocean Surfing / River Surfing / Wavepool / Wakesurf / Skateboard / Surfskate

Home spot : Bremgarten, Aargau

Favorite Destinations : Galicia, Gran Canaria, Maldives

Surfboards : Pyzel Phantom, Semente Black Tip, Semente Slot, ROB Surfboards Fish 5'6

Love : empty line ups, beer

Hate : sea urchins and full line ups

Sponsors : Surfari Surf Shop, Northcore, Semente

Crew : River Rats

Contests : Swiss Wavepool Jam 2015, 1st place
European Champs Wave Pool 2015
Swiss Wavepool Jam 2016, 2nd place
Swiss Champs Ocean 2016
European Champs Wave Pool 2016
Swiss Wavepool Champs 2017, 2nd place
Swiss Champs Ocean 2017
Boot Wave Masters Dusseldorf 2017
Bremzgi River Jam, 4th place

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Interview with Milan Bruner

Tell me a little bit about yourself/introduce yourself.

Well, I'm a Surfari team rider and, coincidentally, I've also been working at Surfari for over five years. I managed the fashion store for years and now I work in the surf shop. I am 37 years old, married and a proud dad. I am a passionate river and pool surfer and occasionally go skating in the bowl.

How did your passion for surfing come about?

When I was at school I was a cool street skater and then a good snowboarder and also a freestyle coach. And then because board sports somehow came to surfing. It all started with a surf camp in Morocco. However, I cursed a lot at the beginning because it was so exhausting and difficult... ;-)

How long have you been surfing?

Ever since that first surf camp in Morocco. It's been a while and I can't remember. My wife Rahel probably knows.

What fascinates you about surfing/ why do you do it?

Surfing is a total balance for me. When you're in the water, you forget about everything else around you. There is only you, the sea, the waves and the great feeling of gliding on the water and setting your line in the waves. Every wave is different and you have to ride it differently, this challenge excites me a lot.

You only get to choose one place to surf for the rest of your life. Which place would that be - and why?

Hmm... difficult to say. If I didn't have to work anymore, it would definitely be some unknown beach town in the Caribbean or the Maldives. For the surf/life/work balance, probably in a more stable country like Portugal or Spain...

What or who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to surfing?

Usually it's just the other surfers and colleagues around me that are inspiring. Otherwise, I think Mick Fanning's style is pretty nice.

Which boards do you prefer for surfing?

We usually go on vacation with our 5'6 fish and a shortboard, so we always have something for the smaller waves and something for the bigger waves. And then we have various river boards for river waves and pool boards for artificial, stationary waves.

How does it feel to be a Surfari team rider?

I think it's cool to be a part of something bigger. You can make a difference together and represent a great shop. The Surfari is also an authentic surf shop and, despite its size, has remained at the base, i like that.

Can one speak of a surf scene in Switzerland? If so, are you active or passive in a club?

Clear. Surfing is booming and is hip and trendy. There are numerous associations and surfing events with a large community. I myself am an active member of the SSA, follow the activities of the Flusswelle Lucerne, Thun and Bern associations and am otherwise always up to date with what is going on in Switzerland and neighboring countries.

What has been your biggest surfing challenge so far?

I always have my biggest challenge with a big swell. Every time it's really big, I need to overcome it to paddle out, to then realize that it's not that bad.

What is your favorite surfing adventure? Describe an anecdote from a surf trip.

The most beautiful surf trip was of course when we as a young family (Felix was only 3 months old) went on a 2.5 month trip to Europe with the camper bus. Along the coast, of course, from France via Spain to the Algarve and back again. I experienced an incredibly intense moment when I was sitting all alone in the line up at sunset in Galicia and a group of dolphins passed me by a hair's breadth.

Is there a surf culture for you? If yes, how would you describe them? Or to put it another way: Are there stereotypes in the surfing world about surfing or surfers for you?

Oh, the thing with the surf style and clichés and such is always a thing. I don't give my two cents to that, among other things because I'm not interested in it anyway.

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Contests: Swiss Wavepool Jam 2015, 1st place European Champs Wavepool 2015 Swiss Wavepool Jam 2016, 2nd place Swiss Champs Ocean 2016 European Champs Wavepool 2016 Swiss Wavepool Champs 2017, 2nd place Swiss Champs Ocean 2017 Boot Wave Masters Düsseldorf 2017 Bremzgi River Jam , 4th place SSA Ocean Ranking, 21st place