Surfari shop at the Urbansurf facility - Zurich

Surfari Surf Shop - right on the water

We have always been doing things together with Urbansurf. We also run the shop at the Urbansurf facility in Geroldsquartier together. Urbansurf isn't just a cool name, it's exactly the program. Surfing in the middle of the city - all summer long with consistent surfing conditions.

Just go surfing for a bit over lunchtime? No problem. The boys and girls provide you with everything you need for surfing. The surfing level doesn't matter at all, you will have fun immediately and anyway.

Of course, a visit is also worthwhile just to watch. The best entertainment is guaranteed and, of course, there is also a gastro area around the water basin in addition to the shop.

The opening hours of the surf shop are adapted to the operating hours of the wave.

  • Tues: 3:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m
  • Wed: 1130 - 2330
  • Thurs: 1130 - 2130
  • Fri: 1130 - 2230
  • Sat: 0930 - 2300
  • Sun: 1000 - 2100

Opening times may vary. All other information about the operation of the wave, opening hours, booking portal, etc. can be found here: