The best possible site to plan your surf vacation. All surf-relevant factors can be filtered interactively and are broken down into your travel month.


Very comprehensive spot guide. Offers an enormous amount of information and material about surf spots around the world. Absolutely indispensable for surf trip planning.

water level Reuss

Current water level and discharge in the Reuss. Graphs of the past days and forecast can also be found on the site

FNMOC Wave Watch

Wave forecasts for the whole world. Very reliable, data kindly provided by US NAVY.

Weather Online

Weather forecasts for the whole world. The predictions are very reliable and accurate. The site offers access to various climate data and water temperatures. For example, it is possible to see the weather in one place over the past few years. Essential tool for long-term planning.

The Surf Experience

One of the first surf camps in Europe is also one of the best. Our permanent recommendation - for which we don't get any commission - for a really good surf camp in Europe. The Surf Experience is run by the two owners Urs and Iris and is ideally located in the Algarve.