Dario Huber

Dario Huber

Interview with Dario Huber

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm Dario Huber, 27 years old and I love all kinds of surfing.

How did your passion for surfing come about?

Thanks to my older brother as a role model, I was into all kinds of sports where you can make jumps at a young age: skateboarding, snowboarding... I've had a love for water since I was a baby and that's how it quickly came about with surfing.

How long have you been surfing?

I've been wakesurfing for about 12 years. But I went surfing for the first time in Fuerteventura when I was 14 years old. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to choose where I wanted to go on vacation. That's why I wasn't able to go back to the USA until I was 21, where I went surfing for five weeks.

What fascinates you about surfing?

Surfing puts a smile on everyone's face, which fascinates me. No matter how bad you are, as soon as you catch a wave, everything is forgotten and fixed. Today's world has us under control and everyone is always online; everything must always be immediately and now. When surfing you are free and I can switch off completely and concentrate on the water. Forgot everything. For me, surfing is pure relaxation.

You only get to choose one place to surf for the rest of your life. Which place would that be?

Unfortunately I haven't found the perfect wave yet, but I've found many almost perfect waves. Shipwreck Bay in New Zealand probably touched my heart the most because we slept there with our motorhome by the sea and had perfect waves to ourselves early in the morning.

What or who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to surfing? 
When it comes to wakesurfing, it's my whole family that keeps inspiring me. Everyone has something special with their own style of surfing that has inspired me and made me the surfer I am now. In the sea it is my good friend and travel partner who inspires me again and again with his skills and will.

Which boards do you prefer for surfing?

When it comes to wakesurfing, I prefer skimboards. In the sea there are now shortboards with a lot of volume.

How does it feel to be a Surfari team rider?

Imagine you are on the beach in Hawaii, perfect waves and your best friends with you! That's kind of how it feels. ????

Can one speak of a surf scene in Switzerland? If so, are you active or passive in a club? 

If you've ever surfed in Italy (Levanto) on a weekend and noticed that everyone around you speaks German instead of Italian, you know that our surfing scene in Switzerland is big.

And yes, I am the president of the Flusswelle Luzern! Yippee!

What has been your biggest surfing challenge so far?

Getting out of the water in perfect conditions.

Are there stereotypes in surf culture about surfing and surfers for you?

Yes, there are many different cultures in surfing. But mostly everyone just wants to have fun and enjoy the sea. Unfortunately, there are always surfers who are not so good at it.

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Dario Huber Dario Huber