SUP einwintern

How to: properly winterize your SUP/Stand Up Paddle Board

When summer is slowly coming to an end and you are considering whether you really want to go on the water in winter, the question may arise: "What do I do to make sure my SUP survives the winter?"

It's actually quite simple. If possible, you should always store your board unrolled and not fully inflated.

If you have enough space it is best to store your SUP slightly inflated horizontally in a shaded area that is clean and dry. Because UV light, heat and sub-zero temperatures can damage your board.

If your garage or basement doesn't offer that much space, you unpack your board, put the pump and fin back in your bag and put it on the floor. You roll out your board and fold it up very loosely so that the PVC material is not too "stressed".

You do not need a special care product for your board.

So your board is guaranteed to survive the winter :)