Van Surftrip Essential Packliste

Van Surftrip Essential Packing List

Planning a surf trip with the Büssli? What do you have to pack and have you thought of everything? Muli from the surf shop was just on the road with the bus and family in the Landes and Cantabria and gives you a few suggestions and ideas for van life. Now, this is not the ultimate must-have packing list, but a top ten of things that will make the trip more comfortable

Briefly on Muli's travel setup: He is accompanied by his wife Rahel, son Felix (4 years) and daughter Lucy (2 years). On the way they are in a Ford Nugget converted by Westfalia with a fixed high roof, i.e. very compact with a length of less than 5m but 2.85m high. There are 3 surfboards, 2 Velölis, 1 bodyboard and 1 skateboard. And of course all the junk like 2 children's seats, neoprene, rainwear, spare clothes, bedding and supplies for 4 people.

Northcore neoprene seat cover

Car seat upholstery is not easy to clean, that's just the way it is. Long journeys with snacks and two cookie monsters with a chocolate/Gomfi finger and overturned orange juice or milk cups are simply part of everyday madness. The neoprene seat covers from Northcore provide a remedy. Are compatible with almost all seats and are very practical and comfortable. Surprisingly, sweating is not an issue at all and can be easily cleaned with warm water and a brush.

Rip Curl Mug, double wall steel mug

Our double-walled drinking cups made of stainless steel also belong to the essential items. These things keep your coffee or tea warm for a long time and are also unbreakable. What more do you want?

Canoe lock, lockable tensioning set 2.5m

We have a high rack at the back of the bus. We used to load the pram on it and now the two Velölis. The Kanulock tensioning sets have two integrated steel cables and can also be locked with a key. Since the ropes cannot be cut with a knife, you can safely leave your equipment locked on the bus and sleep peacefully at night.

Lockjaw Castle

Good wetsuits easily cost between 400 and 500 francs. To let them dry, we often hang them on the rack on the hanger. At night or when we go to the beach we lock them with a steel cable and combination lock. There's nothing worse if you have to buy a new neoprene during the holidays when the waves are pumping. The soft top surfboard under the van was temporarily locked with a second lock.

Stormrider Guide Europe

You don't really have to say anything about that. The surf bible par excellence, already faded cover, tattered and supplemented with personal notes. We almost never had to use it during this holiday because we are very familiar with these surfing corners.

surf poncho

The mobile changing room. A must-have for every surfer. We have a lightweight poncho made from a thin fabric that takes up little space and dries quickly(er). My mom made it as a Christmas present ;-)

Rip Curl duffel bag

This is the ultimate beach and travel bag. Ideally, one parent is always surfing and the other parent takes care of the kids. This duffle bag helps to make going to the beach as easy as possible. You can easily carry it as a backpack and take the children with you. Inside there is space for a beach blanket, drink bottles, children's wetsuits, sunscreen and Pick Nick.

Keypod key safe

Now in its fifth generation and established worldwide. Nothing with hiding keys or risky handing over of keys in the line up. Since one of the two of us is always on land anyway, we have now used the key box very rarely.

Surf Ears earplugs

Rahel and I always surf with earplugs, regardless of whether the water is warm or cold. Surf Ears are arguably the best.

thing tape

Unfortunately, this is part of every trip. We also caught two small things and had to quickly seal them with ding tape. As a little tip; round off the corners with scissors.