How to: Neoprenanzug/ Wetsuit richtig pflegen

How to: properly care for a neoprene suit

There are a few easy tips to ensure that your beloved neoprene survives as long as possible

If possible, rinse / shower your wetsuit well with fresh water after each use (if not possible every third time) regardless of whether you have been in the sea or in the lake.

As you probably already know, daily contact with salt water can make neoprene brittle. This is how you remove other liquids in addition to the salt crystals. Especially important for people with a sensitive bladder.

Plus your suit dries much faster when it's not soaked in salt water anymore ;)

How do I properly dry my neoprene suit / wetsuit?

Because the inner lining of your neoprene stores significantly more water, you should hang it up "inside out". Which probably happens by itself when you undress after your surf session.

Conclusion: Always hang inside out unless you are in a pine forest somewhere in France ;)

It is best to use the crossbar of your clothes hanger like you use it for your trousers, a wide clothes hanger, the shower rod or even your drying rack.

So that there are no ugly "humps" on the shoulders because your wetsuit has a certain weight when it is wet and the weight can be distributed better.

Hang your wetsuit in the shade of a windy spot and it will be dry in no time.

Wetsuits are very UV resistant, but drying them in the blazing sun doesn't help the longevity of your suit.

DO NOT put your wetsuit in the washing machine, use Slosh Wetsuit Shampoo or Rip Curl Piss Off.