How to: Leash richtig montieren

How to: Mount the leash correctly

Assembling the leash strap and the leash is not a big challenge, but a serious mistake can be made here. If the small leash strap is too long and can be pulled over the rail, it can tear the board in the event of a strong wipe out at your tail and cause high repair costs...

Unfortunately, we see this again and again with repair orders and it happens more often than you think.

There are different techniques for attaching the leash to the leash plug and everyone has their preferences. We usually do it like this: pull the leash (knotted into a loop) through the leash plug from any side, you can pierce it with a fin key or something similar and then pull it up. Don't loop through the leash and pull it tight, but double it and thread the open Velcro of the leash through. The opening is relatively small, but you can get through it. Now close the end of the leash twice with the Velcro fastener. Make sure the Velcro is free of sand and algae.

The leash now sits snugly next to the leash plug and the wider end of the leash protects the tail edge (rail) from being pulled too hard. That's why this part of the leash is also called a rail saver...

In our opinion, this is the correct way to attach the leash to the board.

Here is some more information:

  • Leash straps are usually already attached to a new leash, otherwise you can also buy them individually.
  • check your leash from time to time for signs of wear and that the double button is tight.
  • really take a real leash strap from the surf shop, they are usually double-coated and can withstand a few Newtons of tension.
  • some premium leashes have the straps sewn to the leash. It's still practical because you'll never lose it again.
  • always take a spare wristband with you on vacation. Especially with a larger quiver, these little things tend to get lost. Otherwise, a shoelace is a must.
  • some ribbons come with a practical threading aid. These leggie strings are included with the Roxy or Ocean&Earth leashes, for example. Or you can buy it individually.
  • neither the leash nor the color of it have any influence on your surfing performance!