Ein Handbuch für die Entfaltung deines kreativen Flows.

A manual for unfolding your creative flow.

A manual for unfolding your creative flow.

Followers of the Flow has its roots in the freestyle movement of the 1990s, a movement that is not just related to sport, but to a mindset that is currently experiencing a renaissance. What is the connection between freestyle and creativity? How can the flow experience known from freestyle activities be used as a creative tool? Why is learning through trial and error important? The handbook examines these questions in six beautifully illustrated chapters and gives the reader a "recipe" in the form of a new tricky creative method, Freestyle Thinking.

German edition in progress - publication spring 2021

Produced in a limited signed edition of excellent quality, this book is a work of art in itself. Printed on Munken polar white paper, the book features a blue bookmark and a holographically formed cover design on black linen. The first task is signed by the author/designer. The book also contains exclusive photographs by Silvano Zeiter, one of the most talented photographers in the scene. * Subject to change

  • 128 pages of content
  • Including tools & notes
  • Photographs by SZ
  • Embossed envelope
  • munch paper
  • bookmark
  • Blue side edges

About the author

Jonas is a brand designer, UX specialist and director of creative processes. His designs combine emotional expression with precise functionality. His broad professional experience, combined with his longstanding passion for snowboarding, skateboarding and especially surfing, has inspired him to develop and write about a new creative method, Freestyle Thinking.

The book is available here: https://surfari.ch/products/followers-of-the-flow-engl

You can find everything about the author here: https://www.followersoftheflow.com/