Chixxs on Board Surf Paddel & Technik Workshop

Chixxs on Board Surf Paddle & Technique Workshop

We don't know how a girl could not know the Chixx on Board club. But we are very happy to draw attention to the troupe around Tanja Angst on a regular basis:

As part of one or the other workshop on the subject of surfing, we were also allowed to be part of the group and I am always completely amazed at how openly but collectively the group devotes itself to board sports. Everyone is welcome and even if at first everyone is strange to each other, it is always a fun and educational get-together.

The next course will be led by Carole Flügel and is all about paddling:

"You want to get fit or stay fit for the upcoming surfing holiday, hone your technique despite the long distance to the sea and not stand still? This evening course gives you lots of paddling fun in the lake and shows you how to do some surfing without any waves. feeling come."

So let's go, get your wetsuit out of the basement and let's kick off the paddle training.

ps. Alaia Bay does have a "channel", but paddelfit is definitely more fun ;)