Phix Doctor Zero G UV Foamfiller (epoxy/poly safe)

Phix Doctor Zero G UV Foamfiller (epoxy/poly safe)

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Zero G UV Foam filler fills any ding on your surfboard and cures it within minutes, at any temperature, requiring no mixing or adding of fibreglass. It works on both poly and epoxy surfboards and can fill any large hole in the foam. It is a mixture of Q-Cell and SunPowered Resin formulated to create the lightest repair possible.

Zero G UV Foam Filler features include:

  • Epoxy/Poly Safe Formula (2.25 oz / 68 ml)
  • Airline Apporoved
  • Soap and Water clean up
  • Endless Shelf life
  • Directions for use on packet

* To achieve such curing times a plastic cover must be used in order to block oxygen intake, which promotes a fast 2 minute cure.