Gabriel Tamaki

Hello my name is Gabriel Tamaki, Gab for the closest ones.

I was born in Brazil but raised in Portugal and I’ve just moved to Switzerland for the exciting ALAÏA Bay - Wavegarden project.

My passion for surfing started when my family moved to Costa da Caparica about 15 years ago.
I still remember my first contact with the ocean (I was eleven years old) and I couldn’t believe that the water was salty, that blew my mind!
When I saw the surfers dancing on the waves I immediately fell in love with it.
After 3 years doing some body boarding during summer I finally managed to get my first surfboard (I was about 15 years old) and started to live that beautiful lifestyle.
The fact you’re in the water playing with the nature in it’s most natural state - waves - is what keeps me fascinated about it.
The whole vibe, the culture, the sharing and caring, the spirit of exploring is what made me fall in love with surfing, every day.

If I could pick up a place to live for the rest of my life that place would be Australia because of the beautiful landscapes and the great world class waves.

My biggest inspiration in the surfing world it’s for sure Rob Machado for his classic style and his peaceful energy not to mention he always wants to give the best out of him to people.

My favorite surf trip so far it was to Costa Rica (with two Swiss friends, can you believe that 😂).
To wake up every day at five in the morning and watch the sunrise in the warm water while you’re still half asleep - with some turtles swimming around and the birds singing to you, it really makes you appreciate the beauty this world has to offer.

I love to surf all types of waves and all types boards, I’m quite open minded when it comes to it.
I prefer to surf with a thruster or a twinny but single fins and quads are more than welcome in my quiver.

To be part of the Surfari team feels great!
This is the most iconic and complete surfshop in Switzerland! The team made me feel so welcomed that I can only be proud of being part of it.
We have a lot of ideas and projects that will for sure help to shape the future of surfing in Switzerland 🇨🇭

The surfing culture here left me speechless.
I’ve never expected to see that many surfers in this country (40K???) and with such a good level!?
It’s crazy all the static waves in the rivers + the man made standing waves in Zurich, Lucerne and the ALAÏA Bay wavegarden in Sion - all in this little landlocked country!
People here are really passionate about it and that makes me feel at home, with a warm heart!


Gabriel Tamaki

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