Semente The Mega Thug 6'2" (FCSII)-Boards-Surfari Surf Shop
Semente The Mega Thug 6'2" (FCSII)-Boards-Surfari Surf Shop

Semente The Mega Thug 6'2" (FCSII)

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The Mega Thug - 6'2 x 21 1/8 x 2 5/8" (36.6 Liter) FCSII

The “Mega Thug” is a scaled blow up of the original “Thug”. It was created to suit bigger surfers as a lot of northern Europeans and big home boys have ordered this model. Float and flow are the go in this board design.
Surf it from 1 to 5 foot

Length – 5’ 9″ to 6’ 2″
Width – 19 1/4″ to 20 1/4″
Thickness – 2 3/8″ to 2 3/4″

Volumen: 36.6 Liter

Conclusion: Mega drive, speed, manuverability and stability in lading big airs due to the balanced outline, thickness and rocker. This board should be ridden about 3" shorter than your normal shortboard 1/2"-1" wider (mid) the thickness should run the same as what you use on your normal shortbard as the deck is flatter than normal and the model is boxier on the rail. This is a small wave speciality board, to pull out on the days you probably wouldn't surf, up to super clean 1 meter waves that you want to unleash your aireal game on!