Carver Skateboard 32.5" Hobo Surfskate CX/C7

Carver Skateboard 32.5" Hobo Surfskate CX/C7

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Designed with a longer wheelbase and wider template for more drawn out carves and easy pushing, The Hobo will take you anywhere you want to go.

The hobo tradition is one of freedom and travel, and of working just enough to get by while you explore the world around you, an itinerant lifestyle that is echoed in the surfer’s peripatetic exploration of far-away breaks. With folk art ingenuity the hobo carved unique portraits onto common nickels, transforming a mere five cents into something of great value for trade. We celebrate the hobo and their counterculture spirit with this amber maple veneer deck featuring a classic hobo nickel design and clear.


Wheelbase (cm) 45.40cm
Wheel diameter 70mm
Wheel hardness 81a
Collections 2021
Skateboard Width ( cm ) 20.10cm
Width Skateboard ( '' ) 8.00"
Skateboard Length ( cm ) 70.20cm
Skateboard Length ('') 31.13"
Wheelbase '' 17.875"