Brief History of Surfing, Matt Warshaw - engl.

Brief History of Surfing, Matt Warshaw - engl.

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Diese gekürzte Ausgabe des wegweisenden Buches The History of Surfing bietet Surfern überall einen wesentlichen Überblick über die Geschichte des Surfens in einem handlichenFormat. Das Buch ist in englischer Sprache.

This abridged edition of the seminal The History of Surfing offers surfers everywhere an essential survey of surf history in a highly giftable format.

Matt Warshaw knows more about surfing that any other person on the planet, and his The History of Surfing offers the definitive take on the sport. Now, he has honed that book into an abridged and excerpted edition for surfers everywhere. Each spread features a micro essay and image capturing a slice of surf history, whether it's Kelly Slater, the invention of the thruster, shark attacks, or localism. Packaged in an irresistible small and chunky hardcover, A Brief History of Surfing deftly defines surf culture in an entertaining and irresistible book with wide appeal.

Matt Warshaw is the former editor of SURFER magazine. A lifelong surfer, he is the author of numerous books on surfing, including Maverick's: The Story of Big Wave Surfing. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and son.


Titel: A Brief History of Surfing
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