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      160 products

      More information about wetsuits

      The wetsuits protect you from the cold by binding a thin layer of water to the body, which is heated by your own body heat. Unlike a dry suit, you get wet in a wet suit. This is intentional and contributes to thermal insulation.

      When buying a wetsuit, you had to make sure that it was really snug and didn't wrinkle. If the suit is too big, the water just runs through and the wetsuit can no longer do its job. The neoprene will stretch with regular use and if in doubt we recommend buying a size smaller - it will still adjust and expand over time.

      We have suits for men and women in our range and the suits have different material thicknesses. The thicker the wetsuit, the warmer. At the same time, the thinner suits are the more flexible.

      Of course, it makes sense to try on the suit before you buy it. If that's not possible, you can use the following size table as a guide: