Miriam Faccenda

Miriam Faccenda

Name : Miriam Faccenda (Mimi)

Year of birth: 1994

Profession: Self-employed in the health and sports sector

Hobbies: surfing, skating, cooking, travelling, guitar

Home spot: Fuerteventura

favorite Destination: Canary Islands , Morocco, Indo will definitely be new ones!

Love: empty lineups, adrenaline, food

Hate: crowd, deep cuts, ear infection

Stance: Regular

Board sports: ocean, surf skate, wave pool, snowboard

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Instagram: instagram.com/ mimi_oceanchild

Contests : Swisswavepool 2019, Swisschamps 2019

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Interview with Mimi Faccenda

Tell me a little bit about yourself/introduce yourself.

I'm Mimi, slightly crazy about waves - love to live according to the «waves». Get up, surf, eat, surf… some yoga in between and go to bed early. A perfect day for me! I love to push people around me, I worked as a surf instructor for almost three years. Still isolated, because I just have it in me and am a very passionate coach! Hahah, my surf students would smile now...

At the moment I am working independently online in the health and sports sector and can therefore work from anywhere.

How did your passion for surfing come about?

My teacher was a pretty cool guy, he had a barrel wave of himself behind his desk in the classroom... he kinda inspired me a lot! Traveling allowed me to try it myself and it was love at first sight, yep!

How long have you been surfing?


What fascinates you about surfing/ why do you do it?

It fills me in all my senses. For me, surfing is not just a sport, it's pure passion and so it quickly became my lifestyle!

For me there is so much behind it that it is sometimes difficult to put into words what I feel about it!

You only get to choose one place to surf for the rest of your life. Which place would that be and why?

Canary Islands, because I feel "part of the family" there.

Or somewhere else on a lost A-FRAME island (the island of dreams). Perfect right and left waves from morning to evening, somewhere is always offshore...

What or who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to surfing?

I love being in the water with the local crew from Fuerteventura, they inspire me a lot...they didn't have "surf schools" or real "beginner boards". Most of them started with the boogy (bodyboard) and then went straight onto a «sheet paper surfboard» (very sporty old school, little volume boards) and it definitely took longer until they could stand on it a bit than today's classic beginners ( me of course included).

Thank you for the connection and knowledge in general about waves, the sea, the weather, reading the "Forecast" and learning about each individual spot.

And otherwise, Stephanie Gilmore & Craig Anderson inspires me...

Which boards do you prefer for surfing?

I love everything where you can surf with it.

I've also had very funny softie sessions with my surf students.

Retro boards are definitely one of my favorites, although I still don't have a Twinny in my setup! shame on me Haha

Right now, however, I'm a bit sportier on the road with my JS MonsterBox.

How does it feel to be a Surfari team rider?

I feel very honored, I really appreciate it and of course I hope for many years of trust and cool new events! Yeeeha

Can one speak of a surf scene in Switzerland? If so, are you active or passive in a club?

Definitive. The surfing scene is growing every year and it's great that even the littlest Smurfs are inspired by surfer parents.

I am active in the SSA and WAVEUP association.

What has been your biggest surfing challenge so far?

To keep calm in certain situations and to survive, haha! I have a little tendency to push myself a bit too crazy sometimes, especially when I only see guys in the line up.

What is your favorite surfing adventure? Describe an anecdote from a surf trip.

Difficult, difficult. For me there are a lot of nice surfing adventures via Indonesia, over to Costa Rica, back to Morocco via various islands in the Canary Islands, to mainland Spain, up to France and back down to Portugal!

I don't even know where to start and where to stop.

But one of the best feelings is definitely when you spend hours looking for the "perfect unknown waves" and then finally find them and the sun hasn't already set. "Ouch"

Is there a surf culture for you? If yes, how would you describe them? Or to put it another way: Are there stereotypes in the surfing world about surfing or surfers for you?

Mmmh, this «stereotypes» thing is not really my thing.

For me, surfing culture includes respect for nature, the sea, fellow surfers and locals.